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Common Apparel Fashion New Brand

These boys showed up in the shop last Summer with a serious vibe and a clothing line to sell.  We loved their stuff but then the Pandemic got in the way.  Now we are happy to announce that Common Apparel is available in-store and online at Urbane. We have a great assortment of hoodies, jackets, hats and tee's all available now!

At Common Apparel, they create and sell skate and snowboard streetwear. They pride themselves on being a collective movement of friends who identify through skate, snow, film, photography and travel. This all started in 2010 as a high school marketing project by Nate Blomquist and what started from a basement has grown in to a recognizable brand.

Fast forward to 2015, what started out as an old, dirty, and abandoned 7,000 square foot auto body shop, became something Duluth, MN had never seen before. The concept to keep overhead low was to create a  skate co-op with Duluth’s first Skate Bowl, event venue, recording studio, and workspace for sewing and screen printing. For a couple years they kept this concept going on and had a lot of good times.

In 2019, they started a retail store and headquarters in St. Paul but eventually  relocated to the Pacific North West. They currently are based in Portland Oregon.

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