Skateboard Decks

One of the major components of a skateboard is the deck. The skateboard deck is the wooden board that you stand on while skating.  At Urbane, we have a wide variety of premium skateboard decks for sale. If you’re wondering what kind of board will suit you best, see our brief explanations detailing each style we carry below:

Shortboards:  Shortboards are designed and shaped for street skating, park skating, and tricks.

Cruiser Boards:   Often featuring a kicktail, Cruiser boards are designed to get you around with the greatest of ease. With mid-length decks they are maneuverable and perfect for cruising the streets. 

Old-School Decks:  Old-school boards will often have a flat nose and kicktail. They are usually shaped with a wider nose and asymmetrical body. Old-school boards are a great choice for skating pools, ramps, or carving the streets.

Find the skateboard deck that is right for you at Urbane. Visit our store in Steamboat Springs, CO, or place an online order, today!