Bronson G3 Skateboard Bearings

Bronson G3 Skateboard Bearings

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Rollin' Deep

'Deep Groove' Raceways

  • Balls sit and roll deeper in the raceway channels than weaker shallow groove designs.
  • Reduces axial and angular side impact damage and breakage, surfaces stay smooth and fast.
  • Respect the Shield

    'Straight Edge' Frictionless Shields

    • Non-contact rubber shields fit deep in the inner race edge- reduces oil leak and dirt & moisture intrusion.
    • Free spinning, durable, pop off resistant shields, serviceable, remove-able, easy to clean and re-install.
    • Go Fast, Stay Fast

      'Micro Groove' Raceway Surfaces

      • Self-smoothing microscopic linear grooved raceway surfaces improve bearing lubrication and spin.
      • The micro grooves increase spin by eliminating the standing wave of lubricant just in front of the rolling ball.
      • Maximum Impact

        Max Impact Cage Design

        • Strong, non-distortion glass filled nylon cage keep the balls precision spaced and oil circulating.
        • Ball cage socket surfaces engineered to hold oil and provide continuous ball lubrication.

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