Carve Rivals Injected Polarized Iridium Sunglasses

Carve Rivals Injected Polarized Iridium Sunglasses

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Rivals, Featuring a super lightweight design and 100 % UV protection, these are hard-wearing frames that can withstand a knock or two.

Hard-core injected lenses can hack extreme heat and exposure to water while the slick style looks the goods on most mugs.

Our top-selling frame (yeah yeah, we know, we say that about everything we make) now comes with iridium lenses. Uranium you say? No! Iridium. It means they are mirrored and very convenient for covert looks.

Perfect for:

  • the beach
  • mountain-bike riding
  • kayaking
  • long lunches
  • being a private investigator
  • Not so great for:
  • Reversing your car drunk at night

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